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 Service Plans

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 Website Mock-up fee (determined after planning meeting)

(monthly subscription doesn't apply until mock-up is approved)

An "edit" is any

additions, changes, or 

designs made to your site.

Yearly contract option available

$25 off per month



$40 /month

client controls thier site.

Monthly service not provided



$125 /month



$250 /month



$300 /month

Website is published with full access and capabilities.

Your site is published online and active. You have full capabilities to your website as well all Admin duties. You can make any changes to your website you desire. You have the keys to your website to make changes, additions, etc. 

Churchedits will design & make edits to website (by request) 

The church edits team will make "edits" to your website when requested. This can be updates to calendars, announcements, changes to a page. You request it and we will get it done in a timely manner.

4 Edits per month (excluding Simple Plan)

You may send in a request for an "edit" once a week. Requests must be sent in before Thursdays for a Sunday update.

Unlimited edits  per month

You can make unlimited requests for "edits." (Edit's need to be sent before Thursday to make a Sunday post)

Personalized Customization & Feedback on edits

We work closer with you on designs asking for feedback and personalized designs. You get more say in edits posted.

Up to 1 design meeting for website /month

Churchedtits can meet up to once a month with you to discuss upcoming events, changes, and updates for your website. These can be set up monthly or by request.

1 edit per month*

up to 1 hr

additional costs exceeding time

All pricing is before tax

Pricing can be adjusted on as need basis*



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